Why VikingOn?

You can easily make all your purchases with its user-friendly, flexible system structure, company-specific privileged solutions and user-friendly interface. From hotel, plane, transfer, car rental, visa and similar services; You can easily manage your entire business travel process, from your in-house and customer events, through VikingOn.

VikingOn enables employees to travel safely and minimizes risks by adding travel ban criteria when necessary with the right setup.

With the Safe Travel feature, it can impose travel restrictions, especially to regions with Covid-19 or similar problems. In such cases, it allows you to provide special information to your employees in order to take extra precautions.

It ensures that all employees comply with the institution's procedures and policies during their travels.

It makes it easier for you to control travel expense management with approval mechanisms.

It reports all business travel expenses and provides the purchasing department with the opportunity to buy and spend more effectively with the resulting data.

All expenses can be checked online with the purchasing rules in accordance with the company travel procedures and policies set on VikingOn. It contributes to maximum savings by optimizing your expenditures according to your needs.

Thanks to the customized VikingOn algorithm, you can analyze thousands of different flights. With the infrastructure of the smart travel feature, you can find the most suitable flight alternatives for business travel.

With the instant reporting service, you can get the necessary reports online and keep all processes under interactive control.

By delving into your company data, you can understand your employees' travel behavior and generate accurate analytics and powerful insights in a few clicks.

You can be sure that your staff is making the right travel purchase, from the business travel request to the end of the trip.

With VikingOn, you can manage travel risks and make your employees feel safe when traveling for business.

You can combine travel expenses with personal or corporate credit card advantages and reach solutions that make tracking easier.

VikingOn also makes your employees happy. By allowing them to plan and organize their own business trips to employee satisfaction, you can show them that you trust them and provide such support.

All transactions made with VikingOn are recorded. The information generated for archiving and reporting supports processes such as both tracking and auditing business travel and budget.

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